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Nowadays in almost all cities of Russia you can buy Italian furniture for every taste and color. Furniture showrooms in Russia demonstrate the quality, sophistication and style of Italian furniture. However, furniture showrooms are amazing not only for the beauty but also for the price. The maintenance of a furniture showroom (rent of premises, salaries of employees, transportation of goods, customs clearance, etc.) requires large financial expenses. Hence the high prices of the product. Why do you have to pay these expenses?

Isn’t it better to buy Italian furniture, in the place where it is manufactured. We offer you to buy Italian furniture directly from the manufacturer with a discount of 20-50% off the factory price and at least 2 times cheaper than in Russia. Our program includes a visit to 3 showrooms where you can experience for yourself the quality and sophistication of Italian furniture.

Buy furniture in Italy – profitable!

Our program:

(departure days: any). Departure at 9:00. Drive to 3showrooms within a 50 km radius of Rimini where you can find all kinds of furniture, sanitary ware, tiles, wallpaper, curtains, doors. Further (on request) visit a small showroom (Russian-speaking interpreters), with Italian designers and Russian interpreters who will offer you to choose furniture from catalogs, make you discounts from factory prices and help with transportation and assembly.


50 euro

(this trip is free when booked through the website)

More information about prices and services by phone:

+39 3454687870

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