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Your desire to buy an exquisite and good quality fur coat is understandable, but first you need to understand that you need the right approach to choosing the right place to buy and the right manufacturer. Coming for a fur coat in Rimini is a great opportunity to buy inexpensive and high quality furs. Unfortunately, in Russia there is a large number of Chinese fakes with labels Made in Italy and that sometimes this fur coat is not enough for you even to the end of the winter season – the fur coat just simply falls apart at the seams….

But also in Russia there are still specialized stores where you can buy a quality and good fur coat, but due to several factors such as: high rent of stores, delivery of fur coats from Italy, trade markup (60 – 70%) – all this increases the price of fur coats at least 2 times….

Therefore, dear women, when you are going to buy a fur coat you will have a choice – to buy a high-quality and very expensive named fur coat in a boutique in Russia, to buy a not very expensive (Chinese) fur coat for a season or to go to the capital of fashion – Italy in order to choose yourself at one of the Italian fur factories fur coat of any type at a price more than 50% below the Russian, getting a guarantee of good quality, and also having a vacation in this beautiful country of Italy. Fur coat tours to Italy, mostly to Rimini, have long won success and fame – it is the variety of models of Italian fur coats and their quality make it so that 99% of customers do not leave without a purchase. Choosing a trip on a fur coat tour in Rimini, you get a great opportunity for a nominal fee to see the beautiful country, which you can return to many, many times and look at the widest selection of quality fur coats of Italian manufacturers and, finally, to buy the model you are interested in at the best price for you! The program of the fur coat tour is made in the most convenient way, with an individual approach, you will not be pushed in 50-passenger buses, and you will ride in comfortable cars or minivans (4-8 people) accompanied by experienced Russian-speaking drivers who will help you make the right choice and get an additional discount. If the purchased fur coat requires modifications – this issue can take from a few minutes to 1-2 days, because. You buy your coat directly from the factory. If you do not care how long your fur coat will last and if you want to buy an Italian fur coat at a price several times lower than the Russian one – then a fur coat tour in Rimini is for you! Our agency offers fur coat tours not only to individuals but also to wholesalers. If you buy fur coats from 5-8 pieces, you get an additional discount from wholesale prices.

Our program:

(departure days: any). The time of departure is at the customer’s request. Travel by car individually to fur factories within a 50 km radius of Rimini.


20 euro

(this trip is free when booked through the website)

More information about prices and services by phone:

+39 3454687870

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