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Bari is the capital of the Puglia region. It is located at the very base of the heel of the Italian boot. It is the cultural capital of the Italian south, in whose popularity in the tourist market the presence of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker plays a major role. An important seaport since Roman times, the city has retained its importance to this day. Like most Italian cities, Bari can be roughly divided into old and new parts. The old town is striking with numerous historical monuments.

While in Bari, you should see, first of all, the Basilica of St. Nicholas, where the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker have been kept for more than nine centuries.

Equally interesting are the Castle of Normanno Svevo, built in 1132 by the ruler of Sicily, Ruggero II, as a checkpoint for the city of Bari, and the Cathedral of San Sabino. The new city is dominated by wide, straight streets and boulevards. It offers luxury stores, small markets, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Restaurants in Bari, as in any port city, are dominated by maritime cuisine, which is renowned for its sophistication.

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Each person has their own time and begins to think about their soul and usually this is the beginning of church attendance, everyone in their life comes to this in their own way. The Basilica in Bari, Italy, where the relics of St. John the Baptist rest. St. Nicholas, brought from Myra of Lycia in 1087. – It is one of the most venerated places for both Orthodox and Catholics. On this trip you will make a pilgrimage trip to Bari: to confess, receive Holy Communion, participate in the Divine Liturgy and attach yourself to the relics of St. Peter and St. Paul. St. Nicholas is a unique opportunity for any Christian. Overnight departure (570 km), arrival in Bari 8-9 h, departure after Liturgy at 13-13,30.


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