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About San Marino

San Marino is 22 km away. from Rimini. It is one of the smallest and oldest independent states in the world. The historic center of San Marino is 750 m above sea level, offering indescribable views. Walking around San Marino, it seems that you have traveled back in time to the Middle Ages – everywhere there are towers, castles, sculptures of knights, narrow streets, paved roads. San Marino lies on the southwestern slope of Mount Titano. It was formerly surrounded by three rings of walls, each built at different times.

The first belt was made in the 10th and 12th centuries on top of Mount Titano, and three forts were built here. On the highest point of the mountain stands the fortress of Cesta.

The Guaita Fortress (La Rocca), the oldest fortress in San Marino, was built in the 11th century and served as a watchtower, later used as a prison until 1970. It was erected directly on the rock face without laying a foundation. The third fortress of Mount Titano is Montale. Just below these fortresses are the Basilica of San Marino, which is considered the most beautiful church in the city, and which houses the relics of the founder of the country, St. Marino, as well as the small church of San Pietro. The statue of St. Peter by sculptor Enrico Saroldi rises above the marble altar of the church. In the rock near this church are two dormitories in which St. Marino and Leo are believed to have lived at first. The Basilica of San Marino also houses, founded in 1361, the Church of San Francesco, the oldest building in the Republic. The wooden crucifix on the altar of the church dates back to the 300s AD.

Tour description

Bus trip to San Marino with Russian-speaking accompanying guide (departure from hotel at ~8:00). A visit to the smallest and oldest of Europe’s modern states, perched atop Mount Monte Titano. Main attractions: town square with palace, St. Marino Cathedral, Museum of Torture, Museum of Curiosities, panoramic sites, funicular. With us, you can taste locally produced wines and liquors and shop for your soul. Free time. Departure from San Marino ~ 12:30pm.

When traveling by minivan (group of up to 8 people):

– Russian-speaking driver

– tasting

– free time


25 euros (for children under 10 years 15 euros)

Book this tour on the website and get a discount of 5 euros per person

20 euros (for children under 10 years 15 euros)

(Departure Days: Tuesday, Saturday*)

* about the days of the event to find out in advance

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