Created in 1987 on the hill of Riccione, Aquafan is considered the best in Europe and is still, after 24 years, one of the favorite places for people to relax and have a great experience. 70,000 square meters in 1987, these days have become more than 90,000, accommodating new water rides, extreme slides and large parking lots.

Aquafan is a place of pleasure, offering great emotions to its guests on wonderful slides, totaling more than 3 km, from Tobogas Kamikadze, Extreme Speedriul, Surfin’hill, Twist…. to the new Strizzacool (a giant slide where up to 4 people can slide down simultaneously on one mattress).

There is a huge swimming pool in which the reality of ocean waves is simulated with the help of special machines that give a push of 8000 cubic meters of purified hot water.

There are three areas for kids, among them Beach Cartoon Network. And to make sure you don’t get bored, there are different animations, shows, characters, events and the presence of Deejay Radio for each day …

Aquafan’s great legacy is its ecology, lots of green. Vegetation was selected based on the project’s landscaping, which selected specific plant species based on environmental approvals.

Today, about 10,000 plants are growing in the park.

Useful information

For the 2019 season.

– Open every day from June 1 through September 10, 2019, from 10 am to 6:30 pm.

Entrance tickets

– Adults: 30 € (valid for the next day).

– Children: 21 € for children from 1 to 1.4 meters tall (valid also for the next day).

– Seniors: € 21 for those over 65 years old (valid for the next day as well)

– Afternoon ticket: 16 € (after 3pm).

– For children up to 1 meter tall: free admission .

Seasonal absences

– 60 € adults

– 50 € for teenagers under 21 years of age

How to get there by bus:

With Riccione

– From the train station 51,42 or 45 buses (running non-stop day and night).

From Rimini:

– No. 11 trolleybus Rimini-Riccione, at the terminus “Riccione Giardini” take line 51 or line 45.

How to get there by car:

– highway A14, exit Riccione.


June 26 is Michael Jackson Day

July 2 – Pink Night

July 9 – Tattoons day.

July 10 is Winx day.

July 17 is BEN 10 Day from Cartoon Network

July 23rd is Magic The Gathering day

July 24 is Focus Junior day

July 31 is The Apps day

Aug. 7 Ike is an international kissing event

Aug. 14 is Xbox Day

August 26, 27, 28 – Blue Fitness

every Sunday evening from July 10 to August 21 – Riccione by Night

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