Dolphinarium in Rimini

Маленький Дельфин с мамой

Welcome to the Dolphinarium in Rimini, the realm of the funniest sea creatures of all time! You will see exciting performances, you will make friends with dolphins, you will learn the secrets of the depths of the world!

Shaw. Dolphins are intelligent, social mammals. If trained by proper methods, they can make wonderful performances, with jumps, exercises, and games. The Dolphinarium in Rimini is home to the Tursiops truncatus dolphin.

Gallery of the Sea. After watching the show, you can go to the basement where you can admire the dolphins in an underwater version and a series of exhibitions and initiatives on the theme of the sea.

You will see, for example, the reproduction of river and marine environments around the world inhabited by fish of all species. You can also see dolphin skeletons and skulls in the “Reperti” area.
You’ll also see mollusks of all shapes shaped by the sea over the centuries – clams with giant shells, small sea urchins, crabs with long legs. The most curious cannot miss the exhibition “Cetacean Mysteries,” in collaboration with CNR-IRPem and the Oceanomare Association.
The exhibition explores the evolution of whales and dolphins, the secrets of their worlds and their characteristics.

Dolphin therapy. Dolphins can be useful in treating some human conditions such as autism. Autism affects one child in 1,000 in the West: contact with dolphins, according to a scientific study will be useful for the treatment of isolation disorders, and therefore in some cases is even included in the treatment program. The Rimini Dolphinarium participated in dolphin therapy programs from 1990 to 2002.

The Dolphinarium is located in Rimini Lungomare Tintori 2 (port area).
For information: Tel 0541 50298

Useful Information

Open from April 14 through September 24, 2017!

Beginning performances July-August: 16:15, 18:15, 22:00.

Performances in April, May, June and September begin at 4:15 p.m., 10:00 p.m,

– Full price: € 12,00
– Children (from 1m to 10 years): € 10,00
– Children (under 1 m): free of charge
– Groups: € 10.00 (with a guide free of charge for every 25 people)
– Groups over 65 years old: € 9,00 (min. 25 people)
– Schools: € 4,50 nursery; € 6,00 kindergarten, primary and secondary € 6,50, € 7,00
– Disabled groups: € 7.00
– Accompanying disabled persons: € 4.00

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