Hookah in Rimini

A little bit about Hookahs in Rimini

Since recent times, hookah culture has started to develop in Europe. In Rimini, as in all Italy, hookah culture is only developing, but still there are places where you can relax and smoke smoky and flavorful hookahs. This direction is mainly developed by Arabs, Egyptians, Kazakhs and Russians. The most common tobacco in Europe is Serbetli, Adalya, Al Fakher.

Recommended in Rimini

Hookah Bar


Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 29B Rimini (stop 11 of the 11 bus line)

Hookah Club is a popular Hookah Bar of the XXI century, where exclusive hookahs, elegant atmosphere, perfectly harmonizing with light and music background await you. The variety of hookah card allows the institution to offer any combination of flavors. The Hookah Club will present a choice of all sorts of cocktails, beer, wine and other beverages. Hookah Club Hookah Bar is the right place to spend your evenings. As well as karaoke in Russian on request.

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