Mirabilandia is located in Ravenna, near Rimini, and is the largest amusement park in Italy, offering 42 rides, 7 themed areas, 10 live shows. The park consists of: 85000000 square meters, of which 25000000 gardens surrounding three beautiful lakes.

A proven love of nature has given Mirabilandia financial support from the Ministry of Environment and Territory.

While in Mirabilandia, you will be “Indiana Jones” on the Pakal swing, explorers on board the Rio Bravo, “Top Gun” in Columbia & Discovery Towers, astronauts riding on the Katun swing, the best roller coaster in Europe!

For those who prefer to relax in the park can sit back and watch Police Academy – the #1 stunt show in Europe.

From New: Breakfast for Kids by Ducklings and Monosaurus , which takes you through the realm of dinosaurs.

In June, also opening is Mirabilandia Beach, the Caribbean beach at Mirabilandia!

More white sand, palm trees over the blue lagoon, water slides among which the most impressive is RIO DIABLO, a dizzying journey to the Caribbean lagoons of Mirabilandia Beach.

Mirabilandia Beach is a real piece of work, it’s a 5 hectare Caribbean corner, complete with lagoons, white sand, palm trees, trees, thatch and beach umbrellas. There is also a bar and a restaurant!

… And don’t forget the swimsuits!

Here are the main attractions in Mirabilandia:


Eurowheel: the Ferris wheel that entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

Katun: (Mayan calendar): one of the fastest inverted roller coasters in Europe. The path is guided by ancient Mayan ruins.


Reset: A spaceship cruises in a New York neighborhood shrouded in darkness, destroyed by a natural disaster. It’s called “Reset,Year Zero”, and in 2008 it became one of Mirabilandia’s landmarks. An innovative, futuristic and unique attraction. To play “Reset, Year Zero” board spaceships equipped with laser beams and explore radioactive elements in the atmosphere.


Niagara: Shoot-the-Chutes : a path on the water that you will ride in large boats, climbing to a height of 25 meters and a steep descent into the lake creating a wave 15 meters high and 40 meters wide. Especially popular during the summer days.

Rio Bravo: is the first open water adventure on inflatable rubber boats in Italy (1992). Feel the speed of the river.

Ghostville: Escape from Ghostville. Built on a total area of 1000 m2 and made in the Wild West style. It was created in the structure of the old Atlantis Theater and it retains the same exterior volume. This way you will pass at addresses dark aboard troughs riding on wheels on rails. You will go through various themed creepy animated scenes (abandoned churches, graveyards, mines, etc…). This is an update of the classic “Ghost Train” of the old sixties parks . The attraction is the presence of real actors in costumes who appear along the way to scare the viewer.

Pakal: these are small slides with abrupt changes in direction and curvature along the path.

Monosaurus: a railroad track that takes you among dinosaur statues.


Autosplash: a classic waterway of cars that go down steep slopes into the water splashing passengers; in Mirabilandia is not the usual attraction here you will pass car washes, galleries, road works in progress. A canoe shaped like a Cadillac car , which make the attraction pretty much not much like a standard attraction.

Blue River: on inflatable rubber boats you will glide along an undulating route and of course with slides.

Haunted Cauldrons: a carousel located on a platform with giant cauldrons rotating in opposite directions, which can accommodate 12 guests.

Mirabilandia Express

Mirabilandia Express: a train that runs around the entire perimeter of the park.

Family adventure: a family of slides that both children and adults can ride.

Family Adventure

Raratonga: (open since June 2007): Battle in the Water. It is a journey by water in areas of Polynesian island, Mayan ruins and erupting volcanoes. The boats are equipped with water cannons and cannons are used to engage targets along the track.


24 ore: the road on model cars.

Leprotto Express: slides, also suitable for small children, opened in the park in 2005.

Explorer: a very fast electric train that travels through cliffs and tunnels.

Mirabilandia Beach: Here you will find many slides among the atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea, a river and a lagoon of 4000 m2 where El Castillo is located, a castle with many colorful slides for children and many water cannons to entertain children with fun battles. Also on the beach:

Mirbilandia Beach

Vuelta Vertigo: a ramp “U”, 10 meters high, on which you ride a two-seater inflatable rubber boat.

Rio Diablo: the first water coaster in Europe: on a two-seater inflatable rubber boat you will deal with a 170 meters long slide. The main characteristic of this slide is that the slide will push you up even as you ride up.

Rio Angel: Classic slow river like many other water parks.

Salto del Caribe: a tunnel-shaped waterslide.

Salto Tropical: a waterslide in the shape of a tube.

Umbrellas, sunbeds, services and restaurants are also available.

Useful Information

Mirabilandia карта


Open April 8 through April 20 and September 11 through October 31 on weekends, and then every day from April 21 through September 10.

Office hours:

Mirabilandia Park is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., until 10:00 p.m. on October 31. From July 4 through August 30, it’s open until 11 p.m.

Mirabilandia Beach is open every day from June 13 through August 30 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.


– Full price: € 35,90 (valid also for the next day) .

– Reduced price (under 10 years old and under 140 cm or over 60 years old): € 28,00(valid also for the next day).

– Children (up to 100 cm) and disabled people: free of charge.

– Accompanying persons with disabilities : € 25,50 (valid for the next day) .

– Evening ticket (admission after 19.00): € 27,00 (valid also the next day).

– Summer Pass: € 85,00.

– Summer Pass for a child (up to 7 years old): € 58,00

– Pass + Mirabilandia Beach: € 105.00

– Children’s Pass (up to 7 years) + Mirabilandia Beach : € 73,00.

Addition fee for Mirabilandia Beach:

Full price: € 9,50

Reduced price: € 7.00

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