Nightclubs in Rimini and Riccione

On the Adriatic coast, entertainment is the main thing. There are many different kinds of pubs, disco pubs, discos, nightclubs and private clubs on the Romagna coast.

Inns of different types and for every taste, you will spend your evenings in fun company, sexy or transgressive. On this page we present the most famous private clubs and nightclubs in Riminmi and the Riviera, with a brief description of the surroundings and how to reach them.

These are exclusive clubs, some historical, some new, that have left transgression their mark, created for all those who have no barriers to fantasy!

In nightclubs in Rimini you will see sex shows, lap dance, table dance and performances of various kinds. Private clubs select clients and are a meeting place for couples or singles.

La Perla
Recently renovated, cozy and elegant. In the central region, the Pearls perform, the seductive girls in the room.
Viale Manfroni 1, Riccione (zona Marano). Tel: 0541 645160

Seven different environments and 40 “duckies” liven up the night at Pepenero. Open year-round from 10:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
Here you will find lap dance, sexy performances and television, “Peperine show”. You can have dinner, any kind of celebration …. in sweet company!
Piazzale Azzarita, Lungomare- Bagno 111, Riccione. Tel. 0541 6446000.


Cervia, near Milano Marittima, you are welcomed by the Ventaglio nightclub, which provides a hot night for those looking for a thrill.
Via Bollana 4, Cervia. Tel. 0544 988359.

Kursal Beach
Open since the nineties, 3 main nights: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Closed on Wednesdays and open on other nights from 10pm-5am.
Lungomare G. D’Annunzio 7, Cervia. Tel. 0544 970590.

Play Boy
One of the most elegant and modern on the Adriatic coast. It is located in the mountains of Monte Misano and is divided into 2 zones: the Red Passion and the Mirage. The first one will have performances, music, lap dance and disco. Mirage is a more intimate environment with Sexy Sushi dinner, Water Love (bathtub love show), private strip show and sexy divas. Great place for parties, get-togethers and birthday parties.
Via Saffi 54, Misano Monte. Tel. 0541 693570.

Lady Godiva
A historic establishment in Rimini, offers a classic and refined atmosphere.
From midnight captivates guests with exciting music and seduction. Inside you’ll find an American bar, performances, intriguing showgirls.
Via dell’Esperanto 4 (sotto il Grand Hotel), Rimini. Tel. 0541 52548.

“Amarcord is located on via Lamarmora and is traditionally aimed at an adult audience. Open all year round from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. except Sundays. Inside you’ll find lanes, a bar, and a smoking room. Heroes of the evening, commercial music and lap dance.
Via Lamarmora 11, Rimini. Tel. 0541 734109.

crazy love

Crazy Love
It is a historic nightclub in Rimini, built in 1980. Each evening the intimate atmosphere of the venue invites you with artistic and sexy performances in the company of the venue’s girls. Closed on Sundays.
Via delle Rimembranze 8, Rimini. Tel. 0541 382563.

Punta Marina is a resort known for its hot springs, based on the favorable effects of the water.
Elegance and discretion make Kalos one of the Riviera’s most famous and popular clubs.
Entry is for members only.
Via della Fiocina 60/ 62, Punta Marina (Ra). Tel. 0544 439233.

Coco’ club
One of the first adult clubs to open in Emilia Romagna and known for its elegant environment. Inside, the nights get hot thanks to the American bar, disco and priveè. The establishment is open on Fridays, Saturdays and before holidays, with free entrance for couples.Compulsory registration at the entrance.
Viale G. Zaganelli 12 / B, Massalombarda (Ra). Tel 0545 970 177.

Extasia Club Privè
It is located near Cattolica a few kilometers from Riccione. It has an exquisite atmosphere: a dream environment where fantasies merge with reality, where anything is possible.
Located in a villa with a pool in the countryside, where exhibitionism is becoming the norm and where you can meet interesting people. Transgressive and hot, in summer with live music, disco, lots of privè, intriguing situations. There is also an indoor pool for the winter. To get access to the club, you must register with us: it is allowed to couples and singles who want to respect some rules, first of all their restraint, elegance and good looks.
Via Cà Cervesi 675, San Giovanni in Marignano. Tel. 0541 957751.

Club Privee Rendez vous
Open every evening Wednesday through Saturday, the club is located near the Santa Monica Raceway in Misano Adriatico. It is a beautiful villa with a park, pool and disco. Inside: private clubs, couple exchanges, S&M and erotic shows. The club offers the option of private parties and is ideal for those who want to live in complete sexual freedom in the evenings.
Registration is prohibited for minors.
Via Bellini 23, Misano Adriatico. Tel. 0541 611434

Tref point club privé
The establishment is open year-round on Friday and Saturday from 23.00. To enter you must abide by the rules of the club.
Piazzale Ischia 12, Portoverde. Tel. 0541 612262.

New Luxuria
New management replaced the old, but left the Luxuria name intact. It is a nightclub that offers entertainment, striptease and table dancing, perfect for different celebrations. Open from 10:30 to 4:30.
Piazzale Ischia, Portoverde. Tel. 335 6940640


Transportation to all of the above facilities is offered

More information about prices and services by phone:

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