Team building and corporate events in Italy in Rimini!

Strengthen your work team!

Each year, dozens of businesses have an amazing time with an educational and entertaining program! Organize your Tim Building or corporate trips with us in Italy and strengthen your work team. It will be a stimulating adventure that will strengthen peer relationships and team spirit with subsequent improvements in work environment and productivity. It is also possible to organize lunch, aperitif, gifts, awarding the winning team. We will be the perfect partners to organize your corporate event!
Union is strength!

Building and strengthening a work team is not easy. Trust has to be built, hierarchies disappear for a while and you have to psychologically get used to the fact that you can also have fun with people you would normally only associate with at work. All of this is possible and easily achievable by organizing a corporate event or Tim Building day with us.

We can awaken the collaborative spirit you have inside. Trials will help develop cooperation and empathy and improve relationships in the workplace, not only for the duration of the event, but will also have a good impact on the future development of team relationships.

For us, a corporate event is an important and special occasion in which the client’s wishes are the most important. You will be able to choose the setting in which to hold your event, depending also on your goal: to celebrate the event or to bring the group together.

Our professional staff with long experience in everything will help you and advise you if there are any doubts. Organize in complete freedom your day and get into an entertaining adventure that will also affect your firm’s productivity.

There is also the possibility to arrange contests with special awards and gifts, organize lunch and dinner in the park, both for small groups and for large companies with hundreds of workers.

We also offer yacht rides with aperitifs, shopping days, excursions. Programs on Demand and Budget.

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