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Tour operator Testene successfully working on the tourist market since 2001 on the southern coast of Italy, opened its branch in Rimini with Russian-speaking staff, thus creating convenience for any tourist who wants to come to our office at any time to get tourist information, for advice, for the purchase of excursions.

Our team is made up of young and dynamic people who want to improve the service to visiting tourists. In the recent past, we started working on the island of Sicily, ie. We are also familiar with the south of Italy, with which we continue to keep in touch, and for more than 8 years now we have moved to Rimini, where we have opened our offices. Our work is designed for every level of tourist, we try to give everyone the service that is requested and already have a well-deserved reputation for quality service.

We work with various Russian and foreign tour operators and travel agencies, providing them with a range of travel services, including all ground handling: meeting / seeing off at the airport, accommodation in hotels, group and individual excursion programs in Italy, shopping, shipping (cargo). We pay great attention to quality control of our services at all stages. We don’t work schematically, but we do our work with 100% commitment.

We grow, develop and perform well because we love it!

Join us!

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We are located at the 15th, 11th and 26th stop of the 11 bus route
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