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A little bit about the Cuisine of Romagna


Emilia-Romagna is the region of many of the main components of Italian cuisine: Lambrusco wine, Bolognese mortadella, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan and even flat sheets of pasta (all available in restaurants in Rimini). In addition to several types of prosciutto, the region produces zampone and cotechino in Modena, salami di Felino, culatello cured in the air of the misty coast of Emilia-Romagna. In many things related to local livestock products this region is unrivaled. As the region moves from west to east, the terrain becomes more marshy and the type of cooking shifts from beef and pork to fish, game birds and rice. Restaurants in Rimini, the largest resort in Emilia Romagna, are famous for their sophistication and peculiarities: while in the south of Italy pasta is dried, in Rimini it is preferred to eat it fresh in the form of lasagna and tagliatelle or to use the dough to make cappelletti and tortellini. Rimini also boasts its own traditional flat-shaped bread, piadine. It used to be convenient for shepherds to carry these flatbreads up the mountain, but today they are sold by street vendors, filled with all sorts of savory fillings.

Recommended in Rimini



viale Regina Margherita, 147 Rimini (26 stop of the 11 bus line)

The restaurant ROXYBAR has existed since 1989, in this restaurant you can find a menu for every taste: meat, fish dishes, salads, pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, real Russian borscht, delicious desserts – tiramisu, mascarpone, made at home, and at the end of your lunch or dinner you will be offered wonderful liqueurs of Italian production. There are smoking and non-smoking rooms. In the restaurant there is a menu in Russian language and Russian staff. You are welcome from 11.00 till the last visitor!


List of restaurants in Rimini

Osteria de Borg
In the heart of San Giuliano is the “Osteria de Borg”, where the typical culinary culture of the past, famous all over the world, is still alive and ready to surprise you. (Via Forzieri, 12 – Rimini)

La Marianna
La Mariana is located near the Tiberio Bridge, between the center and the port of Rimini. The cuisine here is very simple – seafood risotto, fish soups and fritto misto. You’ll find both local regulars and tourists in search of new culinary experiences. (Viale Tiberio, 19 Rimini)

Ristorante dallo Zio
A reconstructed nineteenth-century house, where the elegance of antique Rimini is still visible. The cuisine here is exquisite, based on the best gifts of the Adriatic Sea. (Via Santa Chiara, 16 Rimini)

On the very coast of Rimini gathers all the Italian youth for the so-called “aperitivo” from 19.00 to 20.00 to drink “spritz” and whet your appetite before dinner with tartines, pizza and other appetizers. (Via Purcell Henrj Rimini)
La casina nel Bosco
Cafe symbol of Emil’s piadina with a huge selection where everyone can find a piadina to suit their taste. (Viale Beccadelli 15/M, Rimini)

Restaurant, with traditional Italian cuisine. They make homemade pizza and traditional piadina, with all sorts of ingredients. Especially delicious, is the meat and fish menu. (via Brindisi 20, Rimini. Bus no. 11, stop no. 26)

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