Rimini and hotels

The city of Rimini has long been turned into a Russian resort on the Adriatic coast, Italians come here only during their standard vacations in July and August months, and also tourists from all over Europe has become much less, compared to previous years. That’s why there are practically no problems with accommodation, because Rimini is leading among all cities in Italy with its opportunities to receive vacationers, where in total there are about 1.5 thousand hotels, 15 thousand villas and apartments in the city.
Rimini became famous for its resort areas with the opening of the first Privileged Beach in 1843 and was initially frequented by the entire European aristocracy and political elite who came here to enjoy the sea, the sun and the company of their kind. At the same time luxury mansions and villas began to appear in this place – in 1907 the famous “Grand Hotel” was opened in Rimini, which was later associated with the name of the famous cinematographer of these places Federico Fellini.

Placement features

Of course, our Russian tourists, accustomed to the classic beach vacation “all inclusive”, which is actively offered in Turkey, Egypt and the Emirates, are surprised to find that in the resorts of Italy very few super-modern multi-storey hotels. In Rimini, as in many other places in Italy, are dominated by small family-run hotels with 20-40 rooms, which are also small in size. There are very few hotels with all-inclusive offers, more often they are hotels that offer B&B or HBO (half board).
I would also like to add on Italian breakfasts: we do not recommend in any case to compare them with Egyptian and Turkish breakfasts, they are very modest. These are usually continental breakfasts consisting of a cornetto (Italian roll), cheese, jam and a cup of coffee or tea. This is not due to the greed of the locals, but to the tradition and eating habits of Italians, who prefer not a heavy breakfast.

Types of accommodation

Usually always look for hotels on the first line of the coast and, accordingly, they are traditionally the most expensive, but they are not always better than others that are on the second or third line. And since the distances between them are short – you won’t have to walk more than 4-7 minutes to the beach, there is an opportunity to consider them as a vacation option as well. In summer, staying in hotels located on the first line for elderly people and families with small children is not recommended – very noisy! During this period, the administration of the city and the region offers a lot of festive noisy programs, discos, pubs with music, which interfere with the rest of the night.
Very often hotels offer the use of air conditioning (if available) and safes for an additional fee, but to spend time at sea and youth vacation with a visit to the room only for a short sleep overpay for accommodation is not necessary: all hotels are bearable and about the same level, so be prepared!
Rimini stretches along the Adriatic Sea for several dozen kilometers. If you like to party, the Marina Centro area is at your service, if you prefer a more relaxed vacation – choose Vizerba, Vizerbella and Bellaria.

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