Shipping from Italy


We offer these types of cargo delivery services from Italy:

  1. postal services – delivery of correspondence, documents, contracts, etc.
  2. delivery of prefabricated cargoes from Italy up to 1 kg – parcels, parcels, parcels, car parts are accepted for transportation.
  3. delivery of consolidated cargo from Italy over 1 kg – the price may vary depending on the delivery time and the number of kg.
  4. cargo transportation, storage and warehousing – this type of service is provided in Italy and Russia.
  5. cargo insurance – 0.5-1% of the value of goods.
  6. escort and protection of cargo, as well as children and pets.

These types of cargo delivery services from Italy can be carried out by air or ground transportation.

Air transport – delivery time from 1 to 4 days 24 EUR/kg.

Ground transportation – from 3 to 7 days, price over 100 kg – 14 euros/kg, up to 100 kg – 15 euros/kg.

Our advantages:

-Flexible pricing policy
-Delivery time from 1 day
-Payment can be made both in Italy and in Russia.
-Ability to obtain a complete set of documents.
-Collection of cargo goes all over Italy
-Our airplanes fly every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
-Flight Guarantee

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