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A bit about shopping in Rimini

There is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than strolling around the city on a weekend in search of something new in the stores, shopping in Rimini . In particular, on the elegant Viale Ceccarini in Riccione or on the historic Corso d’Augusto in Rimini, it is easy to comprehend the most interesting trends in fashion. These two lively towns of Romagna are also visited from neighboring provinces for shopping in Rimini and Riccione and to find high quality goods with confidence.


The center of Cattolica is no less interesting, with small and unusual boutiques, modern stores and trendy cafes to relax in.
Also two kilometers from the center of Cattolica is San Giovanni in Marignano, a true fashion district where you will find three of the most popular Outlets in the region: Guppo Max Mara, Gilmar Company Store, and Fuzzi Factory Outlet.

Those looking for something more distinctive can head to one of the many villages in the hills of Rimini, where you can still find workshops that produce printed fabrics, wrought iron objects, and pottery.

Another historic shopping destination is San Marino with its many stores along the narrow streets and winding alleys of its historic center. The Ancient Republic, besides crossbows and medieval swords, presents a wide variety of exclusive stores, such as Saponeria del Titano.

Two outlets dedicated to clothing and accessories in San Marino are il Queen Outlet and il San Marino Factory. There are several other shopping centers in San Marino, with the richest selection at Azzurro and Atlante, where you can buy electronics, clothing, accessories, books and more.

Rimini also has shopping centers, Befane and Malatesta, which offer a huge selection for every taste and need to buy.

During the summer months, when the stores on the Rimini and Riccione seafront are open, you can find all kinds of things for the sea at affordable prices, from clothes to toys for children.

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