The beach of Rimini and the Romagna coast

Пляж Римини и побережья Романьи

Unlike other Italian resorts, beach access in Rimini and along the Romagna Coast is free. You can visit the beaches, swimming and walking without spending a single euro, but if you decide to spend half a day and a whole day there, then you will need to buy a sunbed and umbrella, as the beaches are municipal, but rented for the summer. In fact, prices vary from beach to beach, so you’re better off walking around a few that compare prices.

You can also use the free playgrounds there:
– tennis
– volleyball
– basketballs

Some of them host sports tournaments, as well as various entertainment events.

Some beaches in Rimini are quieter and more relaxed, there you will find also playgrounds for children.

There are also beaches for young people who stay all day in the sun and then, suddenly waking up in the evening, start listening to music, drinking aperitifs and dancing wildly on the beach: it’s a great event that attracts people from 18:00 to midnight.

On the beaches in Rimini and the Coast of Romagna there is a free service – a rescue service: experienced professionals on the shore towers control everyone in the sea.

The coast can be divided into three zones:

– From Gabicce to Rimini, this area of beaches is the most advanced for a tourist resort in Italy. These beaches are organized and efficient, prepared for fun and quite safe. Thanks to the people working on these beaches, the coastline is meticulously cleaned and able to offer entertainment for adults and children. Mini clubs, small playgrounds and special activities for children. The beach’s gym and bar dance floors are for adults. In addition, on some summer nights, the beach managers put on musical events, fireworks, free wine tasting and local produce.

– From San Mauro to Milano Marittima : this area of the coast includes Cervia, Cesenatico, Milano Marittima and other small towns. This area is expanding in terms of tourism business. Holidays here blend seamlessly with atmosphere and culture, sport and fitness, cuisine and entertainment. Beaches provide an opportunity for young people to compete, get to know each other, and just have a good time. Beach tennis, beach soccer, beach volleyball, surf, sailing, water skiing, table tennis and other daily activities.

– Lidi Ravennati: the main feature of the so-called lidi [beaches] on the coast of Ravenna is its relationship with nature, thanks to its pine forests and low number of hotels. There are good beaches, clean sea, different services and facilities for visitors. Dining arrangements are becoming more common at each beach, which is appreciated during the day by those who like to stay on the beach all day, and in the evening by young people who love exotic drinks and music with dancing under the stars.

However, it is difficult to tell you about all the events taking place on the beautiful beaches in Rimini. This is a must see with your own eyes!

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