Transportation in Rimini and Riccione

In general, public transportation in Rimini works quite well. The only small problem is created in the area from the Gabicce coast to Ravenna, as. There are 3 provinces and therefore 3 different transportation companies there, not connected to each other and so you have to adjust to their times.

Транспорт в Римини

The transportation company TRAM in Rimini ( operates throughout the province, which also connects the Gabicce coast with Bellaria-Igea Marina. All transfers to other buses take place at the central stop – the railway station (stop N 4), which connects the entire northern province with the southern province of Riccione and Cattolica (bus N 11).

View a map of the transportation network in Rimini
View a map of the coastline of the province of Rimini
View a map of the provinces and districts of Rimini
View the network map of Riccione

At night, when public transportation in Rimini and the province has finished its work, the administration gives you the opportunity to use the Blue Line service, which is a night bus that takes you to the nightlife of the province.

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